Aripiprazole and Twitching?

I’ve been on aripiprazole for about a month now and have developed dry eyes, but I have noticed that my eyes have started twitching.

There have been a few cases of muscle twitching when on aripiprazole, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar when on aripiprazole or any other atypical antipsychotics?

It’s really annoying!!!


It’s a very common side effect of aripiprazole, how annoying! Looks like I’ll look into different therapies, I can’t deal with the dry eyes and Twitching all the time 


Uni: What to Expect, Tips, and Tricks


So, seeing as I have almost finished my second year of uni, I though I would do a post and video about my tips and tricks to surviving uni!

1) Moving away and packing

I found it very difficult moving away, I phoned home everyday and still do! Don’t be afraid to phone home, don’t mind what people may or will say, just do it if you need to! You will probably end up packing everything and the kitchen sink, all I can say is to make a list and stick to it, and start buying your stuff earlay to avoid being left with the crap!!!

2) Freshers’

Most universities will do a pass that you buy and it enables you to get into all events earlier (skipping queues) and without paying (its a one off payment for the pass). I would highly recommend doing this but read terms and conditions with regards to skipping queues because it may only be a certain time and you don’t want to be left out in the cold, quite literally! Join all kinds of Facebook groups like ones for your halls and for your course, ask them if they’re going to a certain event and go with them or meet them there, it is such a good way to make friends for life!!!

3) Housemates

You will probably get on in the start and then all the arguing will happen. It happens to everyone, so don’t expect everyone to continue living with each other throughout uni! If you get on with them then great, more friends for you!!

4) Revision, work, and exams

Revise early. For exams in January revise at least from the end of October, and for exams in May well revise as early as possible after your January exams! You may hate it at the time but when it comes to a week before the exam and you’re prepared and not having to live in the library then you’ll thank both me and yourselves! I write all of my lecture notes up, followed by generating flash cards, then using the flash cards to make mind maps. I begin this as early as possible and do little bits at a time, it really helps!

So my last few pieces of advice are to stay safe, register at the doctors, have fun, but also talk to someone if you need to. Work hard, play hard! I hope you have as great an experience of university as I do! 

Til next time,

Nat x

Cold Turkey 

This has always been my view of changing or stopping meds to a degree, taper down to lowest dose and then stop. 

So when my psych said to take my venlafaxine on alternate days for three weeks I was like hell nah. 

I tried it. But every other day I found that I was having worse withdrawal symptoms rather than them getting lesser. 

I started that on Monday, and I am going to London tomorrow and didn’t really want to be feeling all dizzy and have vertigo, so I decided that after 4 days of alternating, I was just going to quit cold turkey. 

So far, today was better than yesterday so there is loads of hope for tomorrow! I had labrynthitis for 4 weeks so I know how horrible it is to deal with vertigo everyday and I don’t want it ruining my day. 

So pain killers in the morning just in case and then away I go hopefully free of terrible withdrawal symptoms! 

Wish me luck! ūüćÄ 

It’s not always Lithium¬†

I had my first appointment with my psychiatrist today, it was rather successful I think. 

It was nice to have someone listen and understand that something is affecting you and its more serious than initially believed. 

So she listened, asked questions, and then came to a conclusion. Though it’s hard to make a definite diagnosis within one hour of first meeting someone, she believes that I am suffering from Type II Bipolar Affected Disorder. So there it is. Whilst it could also still be cyclothymia, which I doubt I’d perfectly fit in to given my initial diagnosis of clinical depression, the treatment is exactly the same. Discontinue the antidepressants because they do more harm than good, and start on mood stabilisers. 

I’ve been put on aripiprazole, an antipsychotic which is widely used as a mood stabiliser. 

I suppose you know yourself better than anyone else, I knew something was up, and I was right in pursuing it and pushing for answers. 

Never give up on getting the treatment you need and deserve. 

Answers and help will prevail. 

I’m seeing a pattern…¬†

A pattern between mood and life. 

I’ve read about this before on bipolar information leaflets. 

My mood affects my sleep. 

Last night I had 5 hours sleep. Today I have energy, motivation, my mind is racing. I can’t focus on one thing at once and it had affected my performance in exams. I am completely incoherent. If I were a health care professional I would not deem myself safe to practice in this state. 

A week ago, I was sleeping 12-14 hours every night. I had no energy, I couldn’t wake up in the mornings, I was lethargic and not with it at all. 

My mood swings have gotten much more erratic lately and even I can see that. 

I’m suffering from the consequences. My education is suffering from the consequences. 

What I really want to say to a “friend”¬†

What the fuck have I done to you? 

What the fuck have I done to deserve this? To deserve how you treat me? 

I know I told you to put yourself first and make sure you are well but that should never be at the expense of someone else’s emotions. Should never cause someone pain. 

Because all I want is to not lie in bed crying. All I want is to have a good time with my friends and forget all the shit I’m going through right now. 

And you know what I’m going through. 

Yet you still treat me like a piece of dirt on the ground. 

I came back after losing my Nan and I didn’t even get a hug from you. Didn’t even get a “are you okay I’m here if you need me” from you. 

I am finally looking forward to having a good time, a good night, and you ruin that for me. You decided that I did not matter to you. That you did not care enough to spend some time with me. For once in your life. 

You’d rather sit there texting the “love of your life” whom you’ve met for 3 bloody minutes than talk to me. 

All I have ever done is make sure that you were OK. I would go out of my way for you. Do anything for you. I always have. 

But that is not returned. 

I’m not asking you to just start caring, because you clearly don’t. 

All I’m asking is that you have a bit of empathy, a bit of compassion. To not ignore my messages even though you are clearly currently messaging someone else. 

To not compare our “crazy”. 

To not define yourself as “mental” when you clearly know what I am going through. Yet still telling me you’re “fine” when you aren’t. We both know that. But you don’t say. You never say. 

Why don’t you confide in me anymore. 

Why don’t you trust me. 

Care about me. 

How can I get myself better when I get the opposite of support from you. I get you making me feel worse. Putting me down. Treating me like shit. 

I may be just paranoid and it may just be my illness. But the lack of support is all you. The lack of care is all you. The reason for me feeling put down and unimportant is all you. 

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