Uni: What to Expect, Tips, and Tricks

*YOUTUBE VIDEO TO FOLLOW SHORTLY*. https://youtu.be/j35dQX-y-Oc


So, seeing as I have almost finished my second year of uni, I though I would do a post and video about my tips and tricks to surviving uni!

1) Moving away and packing

I found it very difficult moving away, I phoned home everyday and still do! Don’t be afraid to phone home, don’t mind what people may or will say, just do it if you need to! You will probably end up packing everything and the kitchen sink, all I can say is to make a list and stick to it, and start buying your stuff earlay to avoid being left with the crap!!!

2) Freshers’

Most universities will do a pass that you buy and it enables you to get into all events earlier (skipping queues) and without paying (its a one off payment for the pass). I would highly recommend doing this but read terms and conditions with regards to skipping queues because it may only be a certain time and you don’t want to be left out in the cold, quite literally! Join all kinds of Facebook groups like ones for your halls and for your course, ask them if they’re going to a certain event and go with them or meet them there, it is such a good way to make friends for life!!!

3) Housemates

You will probably get on in the start and then all the arguing will happen. It happens to everyone, so don’t expect everyone to continue living with each other throughout uni! If you get on with them then great, more friends for you!!

4) Revision, work, and exams

Revise early. For exams in January revise at least from the end of October, and for exams in May well revise as early as possible after your January exams! You may hate it at the time but when it comes to a week before the exam and you’re prepared and not having to live in the library then you’ll thank both me and yourselves! I write all of my lecture notes up, followed by generating flash cards, then using the flash cards to make mind maps. I begin this as early as possible and do little bits at a time, it really helps!

So my last few pieces of advice are to stay safe, register at the doctors, have fun, but also talk to someone if you need to. Work hard, play hard! I hope you have as great an experience of university as I do! 

Til next time,

Nat x


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