Cold Turkey 

This has always been my view of changing or stopping meds to a degree, taper down to lowest dose and then stop. 

So when my psych said to take my venlafaxine on alternate days for three weeks I was like hell nah. 

I tried it. But every other day I found that I was having worse withdrawal symptoms rather than them getting lesser. 

I started that on Monday, and I am going to London tomorrow and didn’t really want to be feeling all dizzy and have vertigo, so I decided that after 4 days of alternating, I was just going to quit cold turkey. 

So far, today was better than yesterday so there is loads of hope for tomorrow! I had labrynthitis for 4 weeks so I know how horrible it is to deal with vertigo everyday and I don’t want it ruining my day. 

So pain killers in the morning just in case and then away I go hopefully free of terrible withdrawal symptoms! 

Wish me luck! 🍀 


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