It’s not always Lithium 

I had my first appointment with my psychiatrist today, it was rather successful I think. 

It was nice to have someone listen and understand that something is affecting you and its more serious than initially believed. 

So she listened, asked questions, and then came to a conclusion. Though it’s hard to make a definite diagnosis within one hour of first meeting someone, she believes that I am suffering from Type II Bipolar Affected Disorder. So there it is. Whilst it could also still be cyclothymia, which I doubt I’d perfectly fit in to given my initial diagnosis of clinical depression, the treatment is exactly the same. Discontinue the antidepressants because they do more harm than good, and start on mood stabilisers. 

I’ve been put on aripiprazole, an antipsychotic which is widely used as a mood stabiliser. 

I suppose you know yourself better than anyone else, I knew something was up, and I was right in pursuing it and pushing for answers. 

Never give up on getting the treatment you need and deserve. 

Answers and help will prevail. 


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