I’m seeing a pattern… 

A pattern between mood and life. 

I’ve read about this before on bipolar information leaflets. 

My mood affects my sleep. 

Last night I had 5 hours sleep. Today I have energy, motivation, my mind is racing. I can’t focus on one thing at once and it had affected my performance in exams. I am completely incoherent. If I were a health care professional I would not deem myself safe to practice in this state. 

A week ago, I was sleeping 12-14 hours every night. I had no energy, I couldn’t wake up in the mornings, I was lethargic and not with it at all. 

My mood swings have gotten much more erratic lately and even I can see that. 

I’m suffering from the consequences. My education is suffering from the consequences. 


2 thoughts on “I’m seeing a pattern… 

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  1. Sleep is such an important monitoring method for me. If I sleep too much I know I’m getting depressed and if I don’t sleep well I know I’m getting manic. It can tell us so much about our state of mind.


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