Well it appears that I haven’t posted on here in ages but I’ve had a few advances in relation to my issues; I have been seeing a mental health nurse at my uni student counselling service and she has encouraged me to do a mood diary. She looked over this and believes that there is something more to it than just normal mood swings, she thinks it’s indicative of cyclothymia and that if I continue with the mood diary then there will be good grounds and evidence to forward on to a psychiatrist! There’s light at the end of every tunnel after all, just goes to show that if you stick to it and keep seeking help then you can get what you need in the end. 

Hope everything is OK with you, my wonderful readers. I will try and keep updating more often, it’s hard sometimes balancing everything! 

Nat x 


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  1. Any updates? I just learned this terminology today- Cyclothymia. I guess they needed a category for not quite bi-polar. My mom is full blown bipolar schizophrenic. And I guess Cyclothymia is like baby bipolar. It fits how I turned out. Sometimes labels help.


    1. No further updates as of yet but I can tell you a little more about it – it is “mild” so it falls on the bipolar type 2 spectrum, consisting of hypomania. It can turn into full bipolar disorder and is treated in the same way!


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