As I lay here, in bed, wide awake, at 2:46am, I am profusely worrying about today. 

In the actual daytime of today,  I am returning to university to continue with my second year and, whilst I don’t have to do the moving in to halls and meeting new people regime again I am still very anxious about going back.

Im moving in to my house, which presents lots of worry about leaving stuff behind and not being able to fit it all in the car. 

And then I’m doing that classic thing of worrying about my mental health. What if I get really ill again? I don’t know if I can go through that a second time. Shall I just increase my antidepressant dose to be safe? Or wait to see how I feel before increasing it? I just don’t want to stoop lower into that depressive state and rapid, extreme mood swings again. 

So I’m worrying about worrying which means I can’t sleep so I worry some more. 

Thought you might enjoy my sleep-deprived ramblings. 


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