The little things…

It’s the little things that have the biggest impact. My father telling my sister she looks “very nice” or that her dress is “very pretty”, other people exclaiming that they are “really fat”, that they have “a lot of chub”, or that they have “gained loads of weight” when you have a low self esteem, specifically regarding your weight, and you know that they are no where near “fat” have such little meaning but such a massive impact on your mood; such that it can send you into a downward spiral so so quickly. In the matter of a day, I have gone from absolutely loving life and having the greatest time ever, to wanting to drink vodka by the bottle just to make the pain go away.

To accompany this, I have a few things/tips on what not to say to a depressive:

1. Why are you pissed off?

2. Are you okay?

3. What’s the matter?

4. Cheer up

5. I’m sorry, you ok now?

These are all just a big no-no, don’t even go there because they can have such a negative impact on the way someone is feeling that it’s better to just leave them be.


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