Being on holiday and weird thoughts.

It’s boiling. 31 degrees C. My pale Welsh skin can’t take the heat, but my mind can take the relaxation. 

It’s nice to just get away from everything that’s going on, it’s not running away, it’s just taking a break. Though sometimes I’d like to just run away here; become a rep and live in the beautiful part of Majorca that is Cala Bona all day everyday. That would be bliss. But i know I can’t do that.

I’m feeling a bit better now that I’m away from everything, however my anger issues are still rather prominent, and the fact that I might have an inflammatory bowel disease is still looming over me in the forms of pain and other symptoms I wot disgust you with.

So that’s my holiday so far, now on to the “weird thoughts” bit.

I don’t know what this means but, thinking about it, it’s pretty darn funny! I was in the jacuzzi yesterday and it’s such a weird sensation, so I shut my eyes, put my head back, and I literally went into this image of demons climbing over me. Paired with the sensation of the jets of water and bubbles, I thought it could be real. It was a bit of a surprise but more of a relief to discover it wasn’t real.

So I’ll leave you with that crazy gem,

Until nex time! 

Nat x


2 thoughts on “Being on holiday and weird thoughts.

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  1. I love this post. I can completely relate to getting away and feeling better. I’ve recently just come back from holiday and it has done me so much good! I’m following you, can’t wait to read your future posts. Have a good holiday!

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