I need your help!

Today I saw a counsellor from the primary care mental health support team for the assessment I mentioned in my first post to identify any issues and to possibly start to make a diagnosis.

So we had a chat and she asked me loads of questions (in which I spilled my heart out and cried lots!) and she came to the conclusion that there’s not really anything wrong with me (wtf?!).

She basically said that it’s probably not bipolar because I’ve had no past history and I’m not experiencing psychosis (which, correct me if I’m wrong, only usually occurs in bipolar I right?) so she then went on to say that I’m experiencing dysthymia (again, wtf?)

The definition of dysthymia is “a constant state of depression”, so basically it’s chronic depression. Regardless of me telling her that I’m experiencing highs in which I am more irritable, aggressive, spend more money, have more energy and sleep much much less, she came to this conclusion.

Now, after doing more research, I would lean more towards a diagnosis of cyclothymia if we’re going down that route, since cyclothymia is on the mild end of the bipolar II spectrum, so that is why I am calling on you, my dear readers, to help me. 

This has made me more crazy. I’m starting to think that I’m just a hyperchondriac who’s just making everything up. Please help. I trust the people who suffer from this illness more than just a counsellor (not even a doctor!). Am I experiencing symptoms of bipolar? Has she just dismissed everything and just ignored me? I need clarity. I need to know if this is more serious than what she’s making out. I want to hear your opinions on my possible diagnosis, and what you think of the symptoms I am experiencing.

Please, any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Nat x


4 thoughts on “I need your help!

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  1. I know bipolar is hard to diagnose sometimes due to everyone’s different personality, but to me it sounds pretty clear you do have some sort of bipolar illness. It was hard for my councillor to tell me wether I had it, but this was years ago, now they’ve changed their minds and said I’ve got server anxiety, severe depression and anger issues.


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