Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a massively scary experience. It can feel like there’s no way of recovering from it, or even like you are about to die.

I have had a couple of panic attacks due to various reasons and situations, so I just wanted to create a quick post with steps you can take in order to overcome panic attacks.

  1. The most important thing is to breathe into a paper bag. Breathing in the carbon dioxide that you had just exhaled works to slow down your breathing and stop you hyperventilating.
  2. Make sure you are sitting. It is easy just to stand up and try and walk around to help, but that won’t help you stabilise your breathing, so make sure you remain seated!
  3. Have a glass of cold water and take little sips at a time whilst counting to 10 slowly. Repeat this until the attack has subsided.

So that’s it, the steps I personally take to overcome my panic attacks. I wanted to share this with you because panic attacks can happen in anyone and, if you have never had one before, then you will not know what you can do to help yourself. Being educated in this area may be able to help yourself or someone else in the future.

I hope none of you have to experience these attacks but if you do then please know that I am here for you for support if ever you need it.

Stay strong,

Nat x


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