My Story

Hello all,

I wanted my first post to be an explanation for why I am here. My story.

I’m going to start with moving to university, because this is the starting point for my mental health issues. On the 26th September 2015 I moved from South Wales up to Keele, Staffordshire, to embark upon my pharmacy degree. I was incredibly excited to start university; my sister had just started her third and final year of university, and I was always jealous of her, I wanted to be at uni too!

So when I moved away it was such a great time. But then I started to experience some issues, I wasn’t really getting on with all of my flat mates, I missed home a lot, and my Nan had just gotten ill. This initiated the dip in my mood. After Christmas I was diagnosed with depression and put on to citalopram, an SSRI anti-depressant. After about a month I started getting more anxious than usual, so I was switched to a different drug of the same class called sertraline. My mood eventually started to get much better, there were times when I was both OK but also feeling down at the same time.

Once I came home for the summer I had a sudden increase in mood. I was experiencing highs; I was much more enthusiastic, joking and laughing more, more talkative, and spending more money, but also I was much more irritable and angry. This was followed by a week of depressed mood. And then I was much better, experiencing those highs again but also mixed moods.

I went to the doctor about this issue and she has referred me to the mental health support team for further assessment and referrals. So that is where I am up to now. I had my dose of sertraline increased and I was prescribed a book called “overcoming mood swings” by Jan Scott, which is a CBT based self-help guide aimed at manic depression as well as other mood disorders.

So to help myself and these mood swings, I have begun to write this blog, as a sort of diary, to document and share my experiences, thoughts, and moods.

I hope you will join me as I embark upon this journey to recovery,

Until next time,

Nat x


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